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Residential Painting in Fort Lauderdale FL

Whether it is a big house or a small apartment, a 1 bedroom or a 25 bedroom castle – Our painting contractors will perform any residential painting task.

House Painting
Residential Painting Project

If you need in-house painting in Fort Lauderdale FL, for only part of your home or all of it Home Repairs Pro's is your solution. We can paint a single room in an apartment or all interior part of your home. 

Our interior painting services include:

In-house Residential Painting Costs

Residential painting costs may be hard to predict. Sometimes there are unexpected elements that might affect pricing of such projects; that's why it is so important to visit, and see the house or apartment, and set the pricing in the location.
Painting costs are affected by the size of the apartment / house / room, by the type of painting job supplies required for the project, and the general scope of work.
Roughly painting costs of an average sized room would cost somewhere between $400 - $800, but again – we strongly recommend on asking for an estimate on location

Residential Painting Estimate

Need an estimate for a residential painting project ? Home Repair Pros offers a free painting estimate at customer's location. 

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Besides a free estimate we offer the most professional painting experts in south Florida for a perfect job.

Residential Painting - Free estimate
Residential Painting - Free estimate

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