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Painting Costs

How much does residential painting cost

How much does a single room painting cost?

What are your painting costs?

These are just part of the question we hear from our customers on a daily bases. So - we've gathered some of the basic elements that might affect the costs of any house painting project, and offer them here for your review, BUT - always remember that the best way to know what are the costs for a specific project - the best way is to ask a professional to come and see for his own eyes, "Feel the project" through his legs, eyes, hands, and get you an estimate.

Here are the main factors affecting painting costs:

When our professional painter comes to evaluate the scope of work he must have the answer to the following questions:

After calculating all those factors, and taking into consideration the different costs, we come up with a finalized costs evaluation, that helps us determine the estimate for each and every painting project. 

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